Relocation and Employment Assistance Program (REAP)

The REAP Program has been extended to June 30, 2025.

The Relocation and Employment Assistance Program (REAP) offers business income tax credits for relocating jobs from outside of New York City or below 96th Street in Manhattan to designated locations above 96th Street in Manhattan or in one of the other four boroughs.

To apply, the eligible business has to move at least one employee from outside the REAP area to a qualified location.


  • An annual credit of $3,000 for twelve years per eligible employee, or per "eligible aggregate employment share"  for relocating to a designated location. Qualified locations are revitalization areas and are  zoned by the City as C4, C5, C6, M1, M2, or M3; or

  • An annual credit of $1,000 per share for relocating to parts of the eligible area that are not revitalization areas.

  • The credit may be taken against the following:

    • NYC General Corporation Tax (GCT)

    • Banking Corporation Tax (BCT)

    • Business Corporation Tax

    • Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT), and/or

    • Utility Tax

Credits are refundable for the year of relocation and the next four years. Unused credits from subsequent years may be carried forward for five years.

Eligible Businesses

  • Must have conducted substantial business operations either outside New York City or below 96th Street in Manhattan for at least 24 consecutive months immediately before relocating.
  • Most retail activities and hotel services do not qualify; however, internet sales and sales by mail or telephone may qualify.

Eligible Premises

Premises must be nonresidential and must have been improved by construction or renovation. In addition the premises must either:

  1. Be contained in property meeting the following criteria:
    1. eligible for ICIP;
    2. leased from the IDA;
    3. leased from New York City;
    4. leased from the Port Authority or New York State Urban Development Corporation;

    In addition, expenditures must be made for improvements to the property in excess of 50% of the assessed value (25% of the assessed value for industrial properties) at the start of the improvements.

  2. Meet the following premises criteria:
    1. If the premises are leased the lease term must extend to a date at least 3 (three) years after the later of the following:
      1. Lease commencement date; or
      2. Date of relocation

Mayoral Discretion
Although relocations from lower Manhattan to the eligible area qualify for REAP, the Mayor has discretion to limit REAP benefits for businesses that reduce their number of employees in lower Manhattan to relocate elsewhere.  For relocations from lower Manhattan before July 1, 2005, the Mayor may only limit REAP benefits to businesses that reduce staff in lower Manhattan by more than 100 employees. For relocations on or after July 1, 2005 any reduction of staff in Lower Manhattan may result in a reduction of benefits.

Forms and Reports

Applicants must submit a completed REAP application and all required supporting documentation. Annual certifications are required to determine the amount of REAP benefit for each of the twelve years.  An application for Certificate of Eligibility of Designated Premises (REAP-ADD) must be filed for additional or replacement premises.

Please submit all new applications and annual re-certifications online using e-Services.

Relocation and Employment Assistance Program (REAP) Forms

  • REAP - Application for REAP Benefits for Certificate of Eligibility
  • REAP-ADD - Application for Certificate of Eligibility of Designated Additional or Replacement Premises
  • LMREAP-EB - Application for Eligible Businesses in Lower Manhattan for Certificate of Eligibility
  • LMREAP-SEB - Application for Special Eligible Businesses in Lower Manhattan for Certificate of Eligibility
  • Annual Eligible Aggregate Employment Shares Computation Form - This form is used to assist with the computation of the employment shares and should be included with the REAP annual re-certifications via e-services.
  • Supplemental REAP and LM/REAP Application - Information relating to wages and benefits at eligible premises.

General Forms

  • Computer Data Request - Use this form to request computer data. Upon completion of Parts A, B and C, fax this form to the Department of Finance, Legal Affairs Division.
  • Power of Attorney POA-1 - These instructions explain how the information entered on this power of attorney (POA) will be interpreted and the extent of the powers granted.
  • Military Request for Relief (from Lien Sales, ECB and Parking Judgments, and Tax Warrants)


Application deadline was extended to June 30, 2025.  You must file for annual re-certification for each eligible year.

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