Getting Paid

Invoicing and Payment in PASSPort

In March 2020, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) launched the digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort). The portal is a centralized, digital invoicing and payment platform that allows for invoice submissions and tracking online.

All City vendor contract invoicing will be transitioned to PASSPort by 2023. If your contract is already eligible for invoicing in PASSPort, please log in to your PASSPort account and follow the necessary steps to invoice via the portal.

To learn more about invoicing in PASSPort, please visit the NYC Mayor’s Office of Contract Services website.

Contracts and Purchase Orders Not Yet Eligible for Invoicing in PASSPort

If you have a contract or purchase order that is not yet eligible for invoicing in PASSPort, please refer to the contract or purchase order for invoice submission instruction.

Email submissions are strongly preferred. However, if you must submit your contract or purchase order by mail, you may send it to: NYC Department of Finance, Fiscal Services Unit, 59 Maiden Lane, 32nd Floor, New York, NY 10038.

General requirements for the submission of invoices:

  • Invoices must include an invoice date, unique invoice number, the correct purchase order or contract number, the date(s) the service was rendered or the goods were shipped, the location of the service (or where the goods were shipped), and a description of the service or goods.
  • For vendors with a maintenance contract for equipment, the invoice should also reference the month being billed, the type of equipment, the serial number(s) of the equipment, and the location of the equipment.
  • Adequate supporting documentation must be provided to substantiate the invoiced service or goods (for example, packing slips, timesheets for consultant services, deliverables report/matrix, confirmation receipts).
  • All goods and services invoiced must agree with the authorized purchase order or contract.
  • Sales tax should not be included on invoices. The City is exempt from paying sales tax.