The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate - Systemic Issues

The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate invites you to identify and recommend solutions to possible systemic issues with the New York City Department of Finance and the tax code.

Systemic issues:

  • Always affect multiple taxpayers and never apply to just one taxpayer.
  • Impact segments of the taxpayer population.
  • Relate to the Department of Finance systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Require study, analysis, administrative changes or legislative remedies.
  • Involve protecting taxpayer rights, reducing or preventing taxpayer burden, ensuring equitable treatment of taxpayers or providing essential services to taxpayers.

Issues that are NOT systemic include those related to a specific taxpayer problem, tax law questions, and forms and publications requests.

If you have information about a systemic issue that might affect a significant number of taxpayers and not an individual problem that pertains only to you -- we'd like to hear about it. Do not submit any taxpayer information such as your social security number.



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