Construction Progress

Construction Project Areas for East Side Coastal Resiliency

Map of three main Project Areas for ESCR construction

Construction work for ESCR is divided into four main Project Areas

  • Project Area 1 (PA1) is concentrated in Manhattan's Lower East Side (LES) between Montgomery St. and East 15th St., including the East River Park.
  • Project Area 2 (PA2) encompasses work between East 15th St. and East 25th St. including Asser Levy Playground, Stuyvesant Cove Park, Murphy Brothers Playground, as well as local streets around the Con Edison facility.
  • Parallel Conveyance (PC) work is made up of inland drainage infrastructure improvements within the overall ESCR project footprint. This work will occur on local streets between Montgomery St. and East 23rd St.

Construction Timeline

Project Area 2

Construction timeline chart
Construciton phasing map

The construction in PA 2 will occur in three main phases from north to south and will be staggered to minimize open space impacts. The construction timeline, as shown above, will be broken down as follows by area:

  • Phase I: Asser Levy Playground Flood Wall/Gates and Park Restoration | early 2021 to mid-2022
  • Phase I: Stuyvesant Cove Park: Solar One Flood Wall and Gate | early 2021 to late 2021
  • Phase II & III Stuyvesant Cove Park Flood Wall and Restoration | mid-2021 to mid-2024 (work will take place in two phases)
  • Phase IV: Murphy Brothers Playground Flood Wall and Restoration | late 2022 to late 2024

This timeline is subject to change during construction, but one and half park facilities will remain open for public use at all times.

Details from the construction timeline for Project Area 1 will become available once the construction contract is awarded and the contractor's schedule is approved. Throughout construction, at least 40% of East River Park will remain open for public use at all times.

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View our most recent community board presentations to see the tentative phasing schedule for each Project Area. Once the project phasing is finalized, updated schedules will be posted here.

Visit our events page for upcoming community meetings where you can hear more about ESCR's construction progress