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Broadway & Beyond

Dates: December 2020 – May 2021

Description: Partnering with the Hamilton Education program “Who Will Tell Your Story?”, Trinity Church and local non-profit theater orgs to give youth tools and platforms to rewrite/retell history Incorporating storytelling foundations to build out performances. Engage youth to explore history through a social justice (equity and equality) lens, elevating youth voices as guided through the art of storytelling by credible messengers in different mediums of art. 

DYCD Heroes Project Track: Focused on re-writing historical figures as heroes in the form of comics and telling a story of what their true heroism was/the unsung heroes of history. Relates back to CRE because the comics can be used to share with partners (textbook developers) to highlight what young people want to learn. 

Target Audience(s): Grades 6-12 


Soccer for Success

Dates: Jan (Session 1) March-June (Session 2)

Description: Provide a safe place for youth to learn and practice soccer.  Youth will have an opportunity to increase physical activity, self-esteem, and discipline. Mentoring topics will be infused within the curriculum.  A social distance curriculum will also be provided for use in Learning Labs.

Target Audience(s): Grades K-8

DYCD Heroes Project 

Dates: January – May 2021

Description: DYCD youth will have an opportunity to create a graphic illustration focusing on timely matters from local NYC communities.  Virtual informational provided to activity specialist on how to guide youth to create their comics.  Young people in grades (grades 4 to 12) will have the opportunity to participate in virtual writing and creation sessions as well as exploring career in comics.

Target Audience(s): Grades 4-12


Film Festival 

Dates: February – May 2021

Description: Filmmaking platform designed to promote and empower the future of film through a series of learning labs and live screenings of the year's top-rated video submissions produced by youth participants in grades 6-12. 

Target Audience(s): Grades 6-12

Saturday Night Lights 

Dates: February – June 2021

Description: An expansion of the Manhattan DA's SNL program at 20 sites across NYC, which will close out at the end of FY21, we will work with partners to expand the program to new gyms at Cornerstone programs across the city. The goal is to work with partners to provide dynamic programming in soccer and other sports for teens on Saturday nights throughout the year. A pilot program this spring could provide space for one-off tournaments (3v3, etc.) to build excitement for the expansion in FY22, and allow potential partners/funders to engage and garner commitment.


Step It Up NYC 

Dates: February – June 2021

Description: Step It Up NYC is a DYCD platform for young people to create sustainable change in their communities through dance & step, and serves as an opportunity for the agency to highlight youth voices across the City. Young people are challenged to use their performances to raise awareness of issues that impact their communities. Teams of youth between the ages of 10 and 20 compete to become one of 10 teams to perform at a final showcase each spring. Each team also participates in community service projects and social awareness campaigns as a part of the competition. For 2021, teams will step it up for what matters #BLM.

Audition rounds will take place both in person and online. Some of the rounds will be open for public voting. Teams will present their civic engagement project as part of a SIUNYC weekly online series during the Spring, leading up to the June finale. 

Top 3 teams will be awarded.

Target Audience(s): Grades 6-12 

Young Sharks 

Dates: March – June 2021

Description: The DYCD Young Sharks project-based activity launched in 2018, is a social entrepreneurship competition for high school students in New York City. The project-based activity incorporates not only business basics and product design, but also college and career readiness, financial literacy, and leadership development. Through the 10-weeks hands-on workshop sessions, NYC youth have the opportunity to create a product design, develop a business plan, and construct a prototype for the opportunity to receive a monetary award of up to $1500 to support the team’s venture and sustainability. Other prizes will include the viewer's choice" award based on an online voting contest. "The People's Choice Award" as well as getting matched with two celebrity entrepreneurs for a week-long shadowing opportunity.

Target Audience(s): Grades 9-12



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