Runaway & Homeless Youth

Street Outreach

Youth Count 2024

The Street Outreach Program disseminates information about RHY services, provides food, clothing and other resources; makes referrals to other service providers; and transports youth back to their homes or relatives, to crisis shelters, or to other safe locations. The Street Outreach teams develop rapport with youth in the streets and elsewhere, directly informing runaway and homeless youth and youth at risk for homelessness about the available services and refer youth who need services to the Drop-In Centers and other RHY programs. The Street Outreach program serves as a point of entry into the wider DYCD RHY system.  

Vans traveling throughout the five boroughs providing resources, information, and 
transportation to safe spaces such as crisis services and drop-in centers

Northern: Bronx, Queens, & Manhattan Above 59th St. (917) 804-9758
Southern: BK, Staten Island, Manhattan Below 59th St. (646) 342-9861

NYC Youth Count Virtual Surveying

Thank you for your interest in NYC Youth Count.

 If you were in New York City on Tuesday, January 23rd and are between the ages of 14 through 24 click a virtual session during the live time! 

By taking this survey about your housing experience on Tuesday, January 23rd, you are providing information that will inform and improve services for youth experiencing homelessness in New York City.

  • This survey will take 5-7 minutes to conduct.
  • The person interviewing you will ask questions about your housing experience over the past month.
  • All information is confidential and no identifying information will be collected.
  • You will need to have access to a camera and turn your camera on for the meeting.
  • Please join the meeting and you will be directed to a breakout room to be surveyed.

Wednesday January 24th

Live Time: 4-8pm

Zoom Click here to join!

Thursday January 25th  

Live Time: 4-8pm

Zoom Click Here to Join!


Friday January 26th  

Live Time: 4-8pm

Zoom Click here to join!


For more information, call DYCD Community Connect at 800-246-4646.