After School

Learn & Earn Program Eligibility Requirements

Learn & Earn programs serve high school students in their junior and senior years. Youth meeting the age requirement who need basic skills enhancement and meet the income requirements are eligible.

Low-income individuals are identified as those who:

  • receive, or are a member of a household that receives cash payments under a federal, state, or local income-based public assistance program;
  • received an income, or are a member of a family who received a total family income for the six-month period prior to the application for the program that in relation to family size does not exceed the higher of:
    • (i) the poverty line for an equivalent period; or
    • (ii) 70% of the lower living standard income level, for an equivalent period;
  • are a member of a household that receives food stamps pursuant to the Food Stamp Act of 1977;
  • qualify as a homeless individual;
  • are a foster child on behalf of whom state or local government payments are made; or
  • in cases determined by the Secretary of Labor, have a disability and whose income meets the program requirements, but who is a member of a family with an income that does not meet such requirements.