Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NAB)

Neighborhood Development Areas (NDAs) & Maps

As the designated Community Action Agency of New York City, DYCD administers the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program to combat poverty and provide emergency services to low-income people. In order to maximize the impact of the federal CSBG funding, DYCD targets funds to low-income communities, which it designates as Neighborhood Development Areas (NDAs).

The NDA Initiative, through the Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs), fosters community-level engagement to ensure that residents have opportunities to contribute to change in their neighborhoods and that services address the most pressing needs of each community.

The borders and identifying numbers of New York City's 41 NDAs are similar, but not identical to, those of the local Community Planning Board. To view the maps for those areas, please use the Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) Maps section below.

The new development area districts are numbered as follows:

Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) Maps