A1C Reporting

A health code amendment (PDF) that took effect on January 15, 2006 requires that laboratories report the results of a blood test called A1C for New York City residents to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. These test results are entered in the Registry which the department uses in various projects to help the diabetic population in New York City.


The Health Department sent quarterly reports (PDF) quarterly reports to 1800 providers across 145 healthcare facilities. The use of electronic health records has provided healthcare facilities with the tools to identify patients in need of follow up care.

Patient Letters

To support patients with diabetes in managing their care, letters are sent to adult patients (age 18 years and over) with high A1Cs (> 9%) and a reminder to follow up.

As of March 1, 2013 the Health Department has discontinued sending out quarterly reports to health care facilities and providers, and weekly letters to adult patients (age 18 years and over ) with high A1C >9. Please continue visiting this web page to learn about exciting new projects we are initiating using A1C Registry data to improve health of New York City diabetic population. To learn more about upcoming new projects and would like to participate, please call 347-396-4200.

Diabetes Action Kit

This Diabetes Action Kit provides valuable tools and information to help your patients with diabetes "Know and Control the ABCs." We hope you use these materials and talk with your patients about managing their diabetes. All documents are in PDF format.