Animals Testing Positive for Rabies in New York City


Animals testing positive for rabies in 2024 will be reported here. See below for data from previous years.

Previous Years


Map of rabid animals reported in NYC in 2023 (PDF)


  • February 9: Skunk at Kepler Avenue and East 237th Street


  • April 18: Skunk at 25th Street and 5th Avenue


  • May 19: Bat at Columbus Avenue and West 87th Street


  • August 3: Raccoon at 17th Road and Parsons Boulevard
  • July 19: Raccoon at 195th Place and Hillside Avenue
  • May 26: Raccoon at 123rd Avenue and 142nd Place
  • January 20: Raccoon at 193rd Street and 53rd Avenue

Staten Island

  • September 28: Raccoon at Gateway Drive and Stonegate Drive
  • August 11: Raccoon at Barbara Street and Kensico Street
  • June 23: Raccoon at Hull Avenue and Hylan Boulevard
  • June 22: Cat at Bloomingdale Road and Correll Avenue
  • May 5: Raccoon at Lulu Court and Bedell Avenue


Map of rabid animals reported in NYC in 2022 (PDF)

Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location      
12/14/22 Raccoon Palisade Avenue and Sigma Place
11/30/22 Skunk Fieldston Road and West 262nd Street
11/22/22 Cat Balcom Avenue and Harding Avenue
11/4/22 Raccoon Van Cortlandt Park South and Bailey Avenue
10/19/22 Raccoon Bruckner Boulevard and Middletown Road
9/8/22 Skunk Tenbroeck Avenue and Morris Park Avenue
8/23/22 Raccoon Bronx Park South and Boston Road
8/22/22 Raccoon West 251 Street and Broadway    
8/16/22 Raccoon Wickham Avenue and Pitman Avenue    
7/19/22 Raccoon Fieldston Terrace and Post Road   
7/13/22 Raccoon Huxley Avenue and West 259th Street   
6/17/22 Raccoon East 214th Street and Barnes Avenue   
6/9/22 Skunk West 246 Street and Broadway    
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location             
10/12/22 Raccoon Macon Street and Saratoga Avenue 
9/13/22 Raccoon Knickerbocker Avenue and Gates Avenue 
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location             
12/27/22 Raccoon Rushmore Avenue and 243rd Street         
12/7/22 Raccoon 92nd Avenue and 102nd Street         
11/15/22 Raccoon Grosvenor Street and East Drive         
11/14/22 Raccoon 70th Street and Cooper Avenue         
11/1/22 Cat 206th Street and 45th Drive         
10/26/22 Raccoon 64th Avenue and 228th Street         
10/13/22 Raccoon 47th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard         
10/3/22 Raccoon Beverly Road and Brevoort Street         
9/28/22 Raccoon Manton Street and 83rd Avenue         
9/13/22 Raccoon 96th Street and Jamaica Avenue           
9/8/22 Raccoon Cooper Avenue and 59th Street           
8/18/22 Raccoon 64th Lane and 80th Road           
8/10/22 Raccoon 65th Drive and 69th Place           
7/29/22 Raccoon Cloverdale Road and 46th Avenue           
7/21/22 Raccoon 214th Place and 33rd Road           
5/26/22 Raccoon 61st Street and Queens Boulevard           
3/2/22 Raccoon Greenway North and Overhill Road         
Staten Island
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
11/9/22 Raccoon Cornelia Avenue and Chester Avenue           
9/19/22 Raccoon Lyman Avenue and Bay Street           
8/31/22 Raccoon Brighton Avenue and York Avenue
8/10/22 Bat Morse Avenue and Bogert Avenue
6/15/22 Bat Fiske Avenue and Woodbridge Place
5/24/22 Cat Detroit Avenue and North Railroad Street


Map of rabid animals reported in NYC in 2021 (PDF)

Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
9/1/21 Skunk Boyd Avenue and Pitman Avenue
8/18/21 Raccoon Mace Avenue and Holland Avenue
3/24/21 Cat Amundson Avenue and East 233rd Street
1/19/21 Raccoon Broadway and West 242nd Street
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
3/8/21 Raccoon Seaman Avenue and Payson Avenue       
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
11/3/21 Raccoon 74th Street and Caldwell Avenue
8/3/21 Raccoon 82nd Street and 58th Avenue
6/8/21 Raccoon 71st Street and Juniper Boulevard North  
Staten Island
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
9/29/21 Raccoon Targee Street and Frean Street
7/13/21 Raccoon Ludwig Lane and Amity Place
5/26/21 Raccoon South Avenue and Arlington Place
5/6/21 Raccoon Wenlock Street and Melyn Place
4/26/21 Raccoon Niagara Street and Seneca Avenue
4/23/21 Cat Arthur Kill Road and Ellis Road
4/20/21 Cat Lander Avenue and Elson Street
4/14/21 Raccoon Cary Avenue and Broadway
4/7/21 Raccoon Bloomingdale Road and Shiel Avenue
3/9/21 Raccoon Richmond Terrace and Hamilton Avenue  
1/12/21 Raccoon Commerce Street and Fieldstone Road


Map of rabid animals reported in NYC in 2020 (PDF)

Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location
11/27/20 Skunk Park Drive and Orchard Beach Road
11/13/20 Raccoon Hollers Avenue and Huguenot Avenue
11/13/20 Raccoon 1 Halleck Street
10/27/20 Skunk King Avenue and Kirby Street
9/15/20 Raccoon Thieriot Avenue and O’Brien Avenue
9/1/20 Raccoon Park Drive and Orchard Beach Road
8/20/20 Cat Harding Park and Underhill Avenue
8/6/20 Skunk Powell Avenue and Zerega Avenue
7/15/20 Raccoon Olmstead Avenue and Randall Avenue
6/23/20 Raccoon Park Drive and Orchard Beach Road
6/9/20 Raccoon Story Avenue and Castle Hill Avenue
6/2/20 Raccoon Park Drive and Orchard Beach Road
2/10/20 Raccoon Walton Avenue and East 176th Street
1/22/20 Raccoon Hermany Avenue and Olmstead Avenue
Date of Result      Type of Animal      Location      
7/15/20 Raccoon 15th Avenue and Cropsey Avenue
Date of Result     Type of Animal     Location    
8/14/20 Raccoon Payson Avenue and Seaman Avenue
7/20/20 Raccoon Bogardus Pl and Hillside Avenue
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location 
9/8/20 Raccoon 47th Avenue and 76th Street
6/23/20  Cat  1st St and 27th Avenue 
2/20/20  Raccoon  East 43rd Street and Ditmars Boulevard 
Staten Island
Date of Result  Type of Animal  Location 
12/24/20 Cat Seguin Avenue and Johnston Terrace
12/15/20 Cat Van Duzer Street and Waverly Place
12/15/20 Skunk Cornelia Avenue and Chester Avenue
10/14/20 Raccoon Richmond Terrace and Nicholas Street
9/25/20 Raccoon Peter Ave and Clawson Street
9/22/20 Bat Willard Avenue and Woodbridge Place
8/24/20 Raccoon Pearsall Street and Olympia Boulevard
8/13/20 Raccoon Brentwood Avenue and Prospect Avenue
8/4/20 Raccoon Victory Boulevard and Sheraden Avenue
7/31/20 Raccoon Clove Road and Forest Avenue
7/30/20 Raccoon College Avenue and Alabama Place
7/28/20 Raccoon Snug Harbor Road and Kissel Avenue
6/23/20 Cat Kissel Avenue and Castleton Avenue
6/19/20 Raccoon Prospect Avenue and Brentwood Avenue
5/6/20 Raccoon Latourette Street and Woodvale Avenue
4/9/20  Raccoon  Martling Avenue and Clove Road  
2/19/20  Raccoon  8th Street and Allison Avenue  
1/2/20  Raccoon  Union Avenue and Confederation Place  

For more information on rabies, call 311.

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