MRSA Information for Children

Children can contract MRSA through their close physical contact with others. Children have less developed immune systems than adults and can be more vulnerable to infections. Here are some ways to protect children from MRSA:

Prevention of MRSA Skin Infections for Children

Keep Clean:

Have children wash their hands often with soap and water.

Tell children not to share towels, soap, clothing or other items that rub against their skin.

Cover cuts or wounds:

If your child has in infection that doesn't heal quickly or if he or she develop a fever, see a doctor.

Open cuts and wounds can get infected with MRSA. Keep them covered with a bandage.

If your child has a MRSA infection, keep it dry and covered. This will help protect the people around them from becoming infected.

Seek care:

If your child has an infected cut that is oozing and cannot be covered, ask your doctor or school nurse whether your child should stay home from school.

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