MRSA Information for Athletes

Athletes can get MRSA infections from other athletes through high-contact sports such as basketball, soccer, football and wrestling. They can also get infected by sharing razors, towels, soaps, weight room equipment, and benches that are contaminated with pus (or if someone before you had an open sore). Here are some ways to prevent the spread of MRSA.

Prevention of MRSA Skin Infections for Athletes

Shower after participating in sports or workouts:

The best way to avoid getting infected with MRSA is to wash your skin after skin-to-skin contact with other people and use of sports equipment.

Avoid sharing towels and other personal items:

Bacteria can survive on razors, soap, goggles, towels, and other personal items for a short time, and for longer if these items had pus on them.

Clean your uniforms, practice clothes, and equipment regularly:

Wash your uniform and clothing after each use. Wipe equipments before using. Put a towel or clothing between your bare skin and shared surfaces such as benches, saunas, and massage tables.

Cover your wounds:

Cover cuts and wounds with clean dry bandages until they heal. Do not attempt to pop or drain sores yourself. This can spread infection to other parts of the body.

See your doctor:

If you have an infection that doesn't heal quickly, or if you develop a fever, see a doctor. Only a health care provider can diagnose a MRSA infection and prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

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