TCNY 2020: Neighborhood Health Initiative

As part of Take Care New York (TCNY) 2020, the Health Department launched the Neighborhood Health Initiative, partnering with eight local non-profit groups in under-resourced communities throughout the city. This pilot program aims to confront the root causes of health inequity at the local level. The initiative focuses on bringing in community members to help identify how best to improve health disparities.

Starting in 2016, the non-profit groups reviewed health data with residents and developed the below strategies for improving health in their communities. These partners then used a variety of local resources and partnerships to put their strategies into action.

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Community Strategies


Fordham Heights: In an effort to reduce violence, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition connected local employers with low income people of color – especially youth – who were looking for jobs. The group urged employers to seek out these pipelines for their workers and follow policies that promote their employment.


Coney Island and Sunset Park: The Jewish Community Center of Greater Coney Island and the Sunset Park NYU Lutheran Family Health Center sought to reduce obesity by sponsoring new Shape Up NYC exercise programs in their respective neighborhoods area.


Washington Heights/Inwood: The Washington Heights CORNER Project identified housing quality as a central health concern in this area. They worked to address this by helping residents create tenant associations that could promote tenants’ rights.


Far Rockaway: To encourage residents to address their mental health needs, the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance created a campaign to normalize mental health care through various events and resource guides.

Jamaica: Public Health Solutions worked to help residents get medical care by supporting local community health workers and reaching out to immigrant communities.

Staten Island

Mariners Harbor/Port Richmond: Project Hospitality sought to reduce violence in the area by providing information and resources about violence prevention, mediation and wellness.

Stapleton/Park Hill: The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness worked to reduce violence by providing young adults with support in their schooling and jobs.

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