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                                                      Commissioner Cynthia Brann Remarks
                                                                  NYC DOC Medal Day
                                                                   Flushing Town Hall
                                                                    March 16th, 2018

 Good morning.

 Thank you to Flushing Town Hall for welcoming us.

 I am honored to be with you today on this important occasion, standing in front of so many heroes.
 Since I became your Commissioner, it seems like nearly every day I speak to or hear about an officer, staff member, or group of employees who have done something exceptional.
 I am amazed and proud of the many stories I hear about the hardworking women and men of this agency. It is only fitting that we hold a grand ceremony to recognize some of our best and BOLDEST.

 This is an appropriate place to hold this ceremony since it is a symbol of one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in New York City.
 Selecting the people who will be honored here was not an easy task. Our agency is filled with many heroes.
 Today, thanks in large part to the women and men seated here, New York City is safer than it has been in decades.
 The acts of valor that we are celebrating today have helped to make that happen. Unfortunately, the public is often unaware of the major role that you play in making this the safest big city in the nation.
 The work that you do on and off the clock must not go unrecognized. Each of you exemplify what it means to be the BOLDEST.
 My thanks also go to your families. You too are part of the Boldest. You share your loved ones with us and your sacrifices allow them to do what they do best.
 Today’s honorees have been selected for their courage and generosity. They include uniform and non-uniform members of the DOC staff.
 In emergencies, both on and off duty, such as the challenges presented by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, you showed bravery and a great depth of care.
 On your own volition, you loaded bottled water into a truck and drove halfway across the country to Flint, Michigan where residents had no clean water.
 You collected supplies and brought them to places that badly needed help. You rebuilt homes and schools in places like Texas, the Dominican Republic, and West Africa.
 You delivered backpacks and textbooks, and you brought gloves, hats, and toys to needy families living in shelters right here at home.
 You saved coworkers and inmates from harm, and rescued people who were seriously injured in car crashes. In at least one case, you subdued a suspected drunk driver and  held him for the police. On numerous occasions you also helped to subdue violent inmates.
 Your generosity and courage have been boundless. I am enormously proud and grateful to everyone who participated in these heroic efforts.
 We are a Department rich in dedicated professionals. It is important to highlight and acknowledge our DOC heroes whose character and conduct at work and in the community have brought honor to this   agency.
 Once again, I thank all of our honorees for your hard work for the Department of Correction and for the City of New York.
 In the words of Maya Angelou, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
 Once again, I thank all of the honorees for your hard work and commitment to public service.