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Commissioner Molina Recruit graduation ceremony remarks 1/31/22


  • Good Morning and thank you for joining us at today’s ceremony.


  • I am Louis A. Molina, and as the new Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction, the induction of new officers is both a momentous and joyous occasion.


  • It is no secret that this department is on the precipice of great change. And while the road ahead may not always be easy, know that the graduates seated before you today are embarking on what will be one of the most fulfilling journeys in your professional life.


  • This year marks the dawn of a new era at the Department. Today’s graduation marks the completion of one journey and the beginning of a new one. You represent the first graduating class of recruits in three years and the first class in a once in a century pandemic. This could not have been possible without a team of extraordinarily committed trainers and educators at the department’s academy.


  • As new officers, you represent the agency’s shifting culture of reform and growth. It is our hope that as you prepare to take on one of the toughest roles in this city, you will do so with Honor, Courage, Integrity and unfaltering commitment. This is not just another job.


  • When you take this oath, you will vow to uphold the Bold in all you do. In the presence of your peers, you’ll be taking the Oath of Office that each and every Correction Officer before you have taken. This is a solemn promise to serve this city and protect our communities with dignity, prestige and valor.


  • Your uniform and that shield come with great responsibility. You are now among the legions of existing officers, captains, wardens and chiefs who have also dedicated themselves to a life as public servants, protectors and leaders. 


  • Before I conclude, I’d like to thank you. The decision to put on that uniform and embark on what is most certainly is a rewarding and challenging career was likely no easy decision. The world around us is ever-evolving, but the call to public service remains the same. This agency is more than just Care, Custody and Control; everyday HEROES truly do work here!


  • You are history makers and the future leaders of the department. In all that you do, remember that you’ll be an example of distinction to those that will come after you and the new trailblazers in correctional excellence.


  • Thank you and Congratulations!