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East Elmhurst, NY - Less than three months into the new administration, DOC is pleased to announce progress in restoring safety and security in several key areas of the city’s jail system, including reductions in assaults on staff, use of force incidents, and the seizure of contraband weapons.

Since January 1st, the Department has seen improvement in the below safety and security indicators: 

  • Assaults on uniform staff are down 26%
    • January-February 2021: 160
    • January-February 2022:  119
  • Assaults on non-uniform staff are down 45%
    • January-February 2021: 29
    • January-February 2022: 16
  • Use of force incidents are down 25%
    • January-February 2021: 1269
    • January-February 2022: 947

In recent weeks, the department has also resumed regular Tactical Search Operations (TSOs), which have resulted in the confiscation of over 100 weapons.

The latest improvements come after progress on several other fronts, including the return of over 1300 staff who had been out during the Omicron wave, the resumption of 8-hour shifts at five facilities, and the return of women who had been transferred to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility due to staffing shortages. The department has also begun rebalancing gang-affiliated housing in several facilities.

“Even before joining DOC in January, I was well-aware of the history of problems facing the Department. We must do better, and we can do better.  We are moving forward as swiftly as possible to fix longstanding issues,” said Correction Commissioner Louis A. Molina. “I am also committed to supporting our staff as much as possible, such as bringing the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and related support programs back in person at Rikers. We must invest in our employees and our infrastructure today and as we move forward.”

Full list of improvements since Jan. 1:

  • Transferred women and transgender detainees from the NYS DOCCS Bedford Hills facility to the Rose M. Singer center to bring them closer to their families, communities, and attorneys
  • Welcomed back over 1,300 uniform staff members to active-duty work
  • Restarted Tactical Search Operations, which has resulted in the confiscation of over 100 weapons within our facilities
  • Allowed external community partners to resume programming work within the jails including cure violence messengers
  • Resumed in-person family visitation in the jails
  • Broke up gang-affiliated housing
  • Committed to operationalize the Risk Management Accountability system (RMAS) by July 1, 2022. RMAS will be our new restrictive housing continuum.
  • Realigned our Nunez Compliance Unit to report directly to the Commissioner
  • Building a new leadership team of dedicated and committed professionals.
  • Creating an Office of Management Analysis and Planning to improve how the department reports and uses data in its decision-making process.

Various challenges remain, from security issues to staffing limitations to leadership needs to data and reporting, to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.  Despite the challenges, the Department’s leadership team remains committed to investing in our employees, infrastructure and creating a safe environment for all who work and live here.



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The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment while providing individuals in our care with a path to successfully re-enter their communities.