Commissioner Brann Remarks at GMDC Ceremony 6.14.18

  • Good morning,


  • It’s an honor to be here with all of you this morning.


  • In January, when the Mayor announced the City’s plan to eventually close our jails on Riker’s Island and transition to modern borough based facilities, we embarked on the journey to a smaller, safer, fairer criminal justice system. We, along with all city law enforcement agencies play a critical role in the achievement of that goal.


  • This island and these jails are our home. To consider a future without them is disconcerting.


  • But new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.


  • I know that today and the days to come over the next few weeks will be painful and emotional especially for those of you who have spent so much of your time within these walls.


  • GMDC is more than a building. It represents family, friendships, shared values and experiences that bond you together forever.


  • As we prepare to close this jail, we will remember that is was all of YOU and YOUR hard work that made GMDC a model of reform and best correctional practice.


  • You leave a legacy of change and innovation that will forever be associated with this facility.


  • That legacy honors the memory of George Motchan, who gave his life in service to this city, dedicated to protecting others even in his final moments.


  • It is fitting that over the next few months, we will transform the visiting area into a wellness center where ALL staff can come to exercise, relax, find support from CARE staff and counselors as well as from each other.


  • We will also be using certain areas to provide realistic in-service and recruit training in order to provide you with all of the skills necessary to your jobs safely and effectively.


  • Finally we will continue to use this auditorium for ceremonies and celebrations.


  • I believe Officer Motchan would be proud of our plan to use this building in support of our staff.


  • His name will live on as a true example of valor, bravery and dedication to his fellow officers.


  • Today’s ceremony is designed to recognize what is over and why it has been so important in our lives.


  • I hope that as you transition to your new assignments, you have a sense of future; a belief that every exit is a new entry and that you are moving on, not out.


  • Thank you all for your continued dedication to each other, the difficult work you do and to the mission of this agency.