DOC Cold Weather Protocol

  • We take numerous precautions during cold weather, including taking regular temperature readings, providing blankets, warm clothing, and hot beverages if needed, and even relocating individuals if a cold temperature situation can’t be quickly resolved.
  • Temperatures are monitored regularly, and remedial action is taken in housing areas if the temperature is below 68° F.
  • In case of brownout or blackout conditions, each DOC facility has a back-up generator to provide temporary electrical service.
  • Correctional Health Services (CHS) clinics are available 24/7 to evaluate patients who may be experiencing cold weather related symptoms.
  • In addition to voicing their concerns to DOC and CHS staff, individuals in our custody can also call 311 from housing area phones to discuss conditions in their housing area free of charge.
  • Our cold weather protocol has been in place since October in advance of the cold weather months.