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DOC Medal Day Recognizes Members of Service Who Have Gone Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Honorees awarded for heroic acts as well as decades of perfect attendance even during the pandemic.

East Elmhurst, NY - The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) hosted its Medal Day Ceremony today on Rikers Island, recognizing Members of Service for their dedication and devotion to duty as part of New York City’s law enforcement community.
In the presence of their friends, loved ones, and colleagues, awardees were commended for excelling at one of the toughest jobs in law enforcement as well as for taking the time to help others in need during 2019 and 2020. DOC leadership expressed admiration and gratitude during the ceremony as Members of Service were honored for acts of extraordinary courage, bravery, or heroism in the line of duty or off-duty as well as perfect attendance despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Award categories included: Medal of Honor, Exceptional Merit, Meritorious Duty, Unit Citation, Operations Ribbon, Perfect Attendance, and Certificate of Appreciation. Awards were also presented by the ADW/DW Association, the Correction Captains’ Association, and the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association.
“Because of your hard work, especially throughout this last tumultuous year during the upheaval brought on by a devastating pandemic, it is clear that our legacy of leadership and commitment to our community lives on,” said DOC Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi. Your acts of heroism and dedication to duty have helped to reshape the image of what a Correction Officer is, and can be, as key members of a 21st-century criminal justice system.” “
When we think about what it takes to be a New York City Correction Officer, we think of the collective superlative achievements you’ve made in what can sometimes be very difficult situations,” said Chief of Department Hazel Jennings. “We think about the year that was and how it seemingly transformed every facet of our operations, but still, as public servants, those before us here today shined brighter than ever before. For these things, I thank you.”

Medal Day Awardees Include:

  • Officer G. Braska and Officer L. Mcardle Jr. —apprehended an individual in custody who attempted to escape by jumping into the East River.
  • Officer J. Semple—helped to restrain a man wielding a knife on the Long Island Railroad.
  • Officers S. Germain and R. Simplice —assisted Governor Andrew Cuomo in helping to free a person who was struck by a vehicle in an accident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.
  • Officer G. Jenkins—perfect attendance for over 40 years.
  • Officer D. Pettiford—perfect attendance for over 20 years.

The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment while providing individuals in our care with a path to successfully re-enter their communities. The Department provides for the care and custody of people ordered held by the courts and awaiting trial or who are convicted and sentenced to one year or less of jail time. DOC manages 8 facilities housing people in custody, 7 of which are located on Rikers Island. The Department also operates two hospital wards (Bellevue and Elmhurst hospitals) and court facilities in each borough.