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September 11, 2020



Statement by Commissioner Brann on DOC’s 9/11 Wreath Laying Ceremony

We Remember, We Were There


Attribute to DOC Commissioner, Cynthia Brann: “This year, Chief Jennings and I, along with uniform union leadership will participate in a commemorative wreath-laying at the 9/11 monument in front of the Samuel Perry Building, the morning of September 11, 2020. In addition, on September 11th, we will share a video to commemorate, recognize and reflect on the work and sacrifice of members of our department and honor them for their heroic efforts immediately after the 9/11 attack and during the recovery efforts. A video we call “WE WERE THERE: REFLECTIONS FROM NYC’S BOLDEST 19 YEARS LATER” will be available on the intranet, DOC TV, and the Department's YouTube channel on the morning of September 11th. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic the department decided not to host our 3rd Annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. However, we will not let this pandemic deter us from remembering the Boldest staff who answered the call of duty and the fallen we’ve lost after 9/11. On this day, let us continue to remember those we’ve lost and recognize those who responded to the call to assist. Nineteen years later, we have not forgotten, and we never will. Thank you for your service.”