Commissioner Brann Remarks

9/11 Memorial Event




  • Good morning everyone!


  • It is truly an honor to stand here with you today as we pay tribute to the men and women of DOC who assisted in the rescue, recovery and support efforts after September 11.


  • Eighteen years later, we remember


  • And we remain committed to NEVER allowing current or future generations to forget.


  • Within hours after the attack, members of DOC worked alongside NYPD, FDNY, PAPD and so many first-responder agencies, helping with rescue and recovery operations.


  • It was DOC staff that built and managed the Ground Zero communications system that would prove invaluable in the months that followed.


  • It was DOC staff who helped set up the morgue at Bellevue Hospital.


  • And it was also DOC staff who joined other responders at the Fresh Kills landfill to collect and identify remains to help provide some type of closure for the families.


  • We honor the courage of each and every one of our staff who came together to serve their city and our nation during this difficult time.


  • I would like to thank you all for joining us at our annual 9/11 memorial event.


  • I would also like to recognize all of the heroic staff, many who are now retired, who came back to be a part of this special tribute.


  • A special recognition to our honored guests:

    FDNY Battalion Chief Brian Johnston and Battalion 49

    NYPD Detective Anthony Otero and members of NYPD ESU

    Port Authority Police Department (PAPD)
    Lieutenant William Keegan

    Port Authority Police Department (PAPD)Lieutenant John Ryan

    Port Authority Police Department (PAPD)
    Captain David Ehrenberg
    and Lieutenant Scott Glazer 

    NYC Emergency Management (OEM) FDC Andrew D’Amora
    and Sargent Mark Shelton

    Shalinda Thibodeaux(Ti-bi-deaux), the sister of retired
    CO Melinda Garris, who passed away
    due to a 9/11 related illness

    Ronald Gaines, the husband of retired CO Sharon Suber,
    who passed away due to a 9/11 related illness

    Representatives from the COBA, DW and Captain Unions

    And a very heartfelt thanks to two of my special heroes,
    who worked so tirelessly in Washington DC, walking the halls
    of Congress, to push our elected officials in voting to protect
    the benefits for 9/11 responders:
    Retired Warden Richard Palmer and John Feal from
    the FealGood  Foundation.

    Congratulations on your historic achievement.


  • As Americans, we will carry the memory of what happened on September 11, 2001 with us always.


  • That painful time bound us together in strength, as we refused to let it divide us.


  • It was not until I came to the agency in 2015 that I learned of DOC’s role in the 9/11 events.


  • As an American, I was shocked to find out there was a large portion of history that had not been told.


  • As a DOC staff member, I was angry and appalled that your story had never been told.


  • The boldness and bravery you all displayed has been an inspiration to me and sent me on a mission to right a wrong.


  • I am pleased that thanks to a growing partnership with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum,


  • DOC Recruits in June, –for the first time ever- participated in educational programming at the museum that was designed specifically around telling DOC’s 9/11 history.


  • As part of our ongoing Training & Development courses, future recruits, uniform and non uniform staff will have the opportunity to attend these educational programs as well.


  • As your Commissioner, I am also honored that in a few moments we will be unveiling DOC’s first-ever 9/11 Monument that is dedicated to all the members of service who served and to all those we have lost.


  • This monument will also serve as a constant reminder of your sacrifice during those incredibly challenging times.


  • As we join Americans all across our country this upcoming week, in service and remembrance, I want you to remember that together, there is nothing we cannot overcome.


  • Every day, through our actions, we have the opportunity to live up to the sacrifice and service of the heroes with us today, and those we have lost much too soon.


  • With that thought, I am reminded of the words of former President Barack Obama.


  • “Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.”

  • Thank you all again for coming. I would now like to welcome John Feal from the FealGood Foundation to the stage.


  • As I mentioned earlier John’s work has been pivotal in protecting the benefits of 9/11 responders. So I am honored today to present him with a cheque for ten thousand dollars for his foundation from staff donations.