2021 Cold Weather Action Plan

  • We take numerous precautions during the cold-weather season to keep everyone living and working here safe and warm.
  • Warmer clothing, including long-sleeve uniforms and sweatshirts, are provided at the beginning of the fall season.
  • Temperatures are monitored regularly and remedial action is taken in housing areas if the temperature is below 68° F. Such actions include the provision of additional blankets and warm drinks and, if the issue cannot be quickly abated, movement to another area within the jail. Corrective action is also taken in all support areas.
  • In case of brownout or blackout conditions, emergency backup generators are provided to all critical areas of each facility.
  • Correctional Health Services (CHS) clinics are available 24/7 to evaluate patients who may be experiencing cold weather-related symptoms.
  • In addition to voicing their concerns to their Housing Area Officer, a supervisor, or CHS staff, individuals in our custody can also file a grievance form internally or call 311 using the housing area phones to discuss conditions in their housing area free of charge. These complaints are addressed by the Office of Constituent and Grievance services.
  • Our Health Management Division is offering the Annual Flu Vaccine department-wide to staff. COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots are also widely available.
  • CHS is offering the flu and COVID-19 vaccines to everyone in its care. Patients can request the flu or COVID-19 vaccines and schedule a clinic appointment by calling the Health Triage Line. They can speak directly with a nurse or leave a message.
  • Our cold weather protocol has been in place since October 1, 2021, in advance of the cold weather months.