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NYC Department of Correction

20th Anniversary of 9/11 Remarks, Rikers Island

Chief of Department Kenneth Stukes



Good Morning


I’m Chief of Department Kenneth Stukes and it is my pleasure and honor to stand before you in this new role at this ceremony.


As First Responders, running into any emergency can be particularly trying. You don’t know what you will face, but you know that you have what it takes to get it done. You know that with the support of your brothers and sisters, through unity and courageousness, you’ll emerge victorious.


9/11 was a day that put us all to the test.


Many of us assembled here today lost friends, family members, both on the job and at home. But we remained steadfast in our commitment to getting NYC back on its feet.


Those days when giving up could have been easier than surging ahead, it was on those days that the dexterity of our BOLD family was the strongest.


I’ve been on this job for more than 30 years, and while we’ve weathered many storms, nothing could have prepared this agency for the days, months and weeks at Ground Zero. But each day, we were there.


It was your heroic efforts that added another layer of pride to wear this uniform. And as Chief of Department, I couldn’t be any prouder to represent an agency with a rich history of great and brave women and men.


Today, we not only reflect on that fateful day in American history, but we celebrate the unsung heroes that often go unrecognized. You had our full support and gratitude back then and you continue to have it now.

It’s your unshakeable will to do your very best, even in the most difficult situations that should be a reminder to all that we are and will always be New York City’s BOLDEST.


Thank you.