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  • Voter Packets: The Department finalized its November General Election voter packets and distributed them to individuals in custody on September 10, 2021, ensuring information was provided a month prior to the October 8, 2021 voter registration deadline.
  • Targeted Voter Registration Engagement: For the June Primary Election and the November General Election, the Department registered over 450 individuals to vote and/or receive an absentee ballot via its targeted engagement in the facilities. There was a two-month targeted effort in the facilities prior to each election. The Department will continue its practice of hand-delivering election mail up to each respective deadlin
  • Additional Resources: The Department provides voter registration forms as well as an informational brochure approved by the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (“VAAC”) to all individuals discharged to the community. It includes resources such as ranked choice voting information and information on how individuals can keep their residence address current.