Disposing of Grease at Home

Grease that is poured down your kitchen sink can cling to the inside of your household plumbing and the pipes that make up our Sewer System. Overtime, the grease can build up so much that it clogs pipes completely. When wastewater can’t move freely through the sewer system due to a blockage, it can cause flooding and even a Sewer Backup into your home! By disposing of household grease properly, you can help avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary disruptions to residences and businesses.

For information about how to safely dispose of grease as a food service establishment, visit Disposing of Grease as a Business. To learn about how to properly dispose of other household waste, visit Safe Disposal of Harmful Products.

Grease Disposal Tips

Grease should be poured into a non-recyclable container
  • Cooking oil and grease can be placed in a container, like a frozen juice container, a beverage carton, or a take-out container. Label the container “Cooking Oil—Not for Recycling” and discard with regular garbage. Alternately, you can also put cooled cooking oil/grease in a plastic bag and freeze before discarding. Visit the Department of Sanitation website for additional information.
  • Use paper towels to wipe residual grease or oil off of dishes, pots and pans before washing them.
Grease should not be poured down a sink
  • Save your pipes! Pouring cooking oil, poultry fat or grease into the kitchen sink or toilet can cause sewer backups. Visit Trash It. Don’t Flush It. to learn more about how grease can impact the sewer system.

Download the Proper Disposal of Cooking Oil and Grease brochure. The brochure is also available for download in Español, 中文, 한국어, русский.

Safe Disposal of Motor Oil

When poured down house or street drains, used motor oil may travel to your local stream, bay, or harbor, where it can harm underwater vegetation and aquatic life. Service stations are required by State law to accept up to five gallons of used motor oil per person, per day, at no charge. Remember not to mix your motor oil with any other substance.

No subtance any kind should ever be poured down a catch basin, storm sewer, or street drain. If you witness someone disposing of any product into a street drain, call 311 or file a report online.