Programs for Communities & Businesses

Stormwater Management in the New York City Watershed

Stormwater is generated by rain or snow that runs off a land surface such as saturated soils or impervious (non-porous) surfaces like roof tops and parking lots. Many contaminants can be found in stormwater including sediment, metals, oils, nutrients, bacteria and viruses. These contaminants are easily dislodged and may be carried by stormwater into sewers, streams, and eventually reservoirs.

NYC Watershed Regulations require stringent management of stormwater that go beyond federal or state requirements. Typical stormwater control projects include: improved collection and conveyance systems that deliver stormwater to a point of treatment; primary screening to remove trash and large solids, followed by inactive pool sedimentation; oil separation; biological treatment; and filtration systems.

To assist businesses and communities with meeting NYC regulatory requirements that exceed state or federal standards, we provide funding to the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) to administer and implement a number of stormwater management programs in the Catskill/Delaware (West of Hudson) Watershed.

West of Hudson Stormwater Retrofit Program

The CWC Stormwater Retrofit Program is a competitive grants program for municipalities, organizations, businesses and property owners. The program supports the design, construction, and maintenance of stormwater retrofits that control stormwater runoff and reduce the flow of pollutants to the water supply. Since 1999, DEP has committed more than $20 million to fund the construction of stormwater retrofits through CWC.

For additional information, contact 845-586-1400 or visit the CWC website.

West of Hudson Future Stormwater Controls Program

The CWC Future Stormwater Controls Program provides funding assistance to West of Hudson Watershed communities and businesses for certain stormwater costs on new construction projects. This $31.7 million program covers 50% of eligible stormwater costs for small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) and 100% of eligible costs for large businesses, municipalities, and institutions. Small businesses can also apply directly to DEP for the remaining 50% of certain stormwater costs as required by the NYC Watershed Regulations.

For additional information, contact 845-586-1400 or visit the CWC website.

East of Hudson Stormwater Retrofit Funding

DEP has allocated $20 million to assist East of Hudson (EOH) municipalities design and construct stormwater retrofits in order to update the watershed’s stormwater management facilities. Working through the East of Hudson Watershed Corporation (EOHWC), a locally-based and locally administered not for profit corporation, the EOH municipalities will use the funding to construct a series of stormwater management practices in areas of existing development to address stormwater pollution, particularly phosphorous in runoff. The EOHWC is comprised of local municipalities working toward mutual water quality goals through shared resources and costs.

Visit the EOHWC website for additional information.