Clean Air Tracking System

Our Clean Air Tracking System (CATS) allows users to process new applications, renewals, amendments and all other air permit related actions. If you are already registered, Login to CATS.

New applicants must register for an account. To get started:

Users can also conduct an Air Permit Information search for a property.

Boilers and Water Heaters

Filing Instructions for Fossil Fuel Burning Boilers and Water Heaters

Boiler Forms and Documents

Boiler FAQs, Engineering Criteria, and EPA Factsheet

Boiler Equipment

View the Accepted Boiler Equipment List

As of August 1, 2017, DEP will no longer accept new equipment acceptance applications. Download the Equipment Approval Directive.

Boiler and Burner Compliance Certification Form

A Boiler and Burner Compliance Certification is submitted by the filling PE to certify equipment (bare boiler, burner, assemblies, custom installation and control) not accepted by DEP will comply with all applicable regulations.

Download the Boiler and Burner Compliance Certification Form

Stack Adequacy

Draft calculations are required for a new boiler, induced draft fan or chimney and in accordance with the procedures in 2009 ASHRAE Fundamentals Chapter 21 and 2012 ASHRAE Systems and Equipment Chapter 35.

Boiler Tune-Ups

Download Annual Boiler Tune-up Guidelines

All boilers that are equal to or greater than 2.8 million Btu/hr must have annual tune-ups and records of the tune-up using these forms must be retained for a minimum of 5 years.

Letter of Authorization

Owners need to provide a Letter of Authorization when changing a Professional Engineer, Registered Architect or Installer.

Download the Letter of Authorization

Installer Statement

Installer must submit the Installer Statement when the installer is not named on the Work Permit Application form or the owner changed the Installer.

Download the Installer Statement

Fuel Equivalency Form

Industrial Processes and Generators

Filing Instructions for Industrial Processes and Generators

If you require require assistance in determining which application process you should follow, please download and submit an Industrial Process Questionnaire.

Mobile Food Vendor, Char Broiler, and General Registrations

For procedures for filing a registration for:

  • Operation of equipment with Environmental Rating C that produces a flowrate of equal or greater than 100 scfm and less than 2000 scfm
  • Mobile food trucks with auxiliary engines
  • Char broilers that cook more than 875 pounds of meat per week.

Download the General Registration—Process Sources, Mobile Food Trucks and Char Boilers

Solid Fuel Registration is required in order for DEP to conduct a Smoke and Odor Inspection. Once an application is approved, DEP will reach out to schedule an inspection.

Download the General Registration—Char Boilers and Solid Fuel Burning Equipment

Gas Station Registration

For procedures for filing a Gas Station Registration, download the Gas Station Registration.

Generator or Combustion Source Registration

For Procedures for filing a generator, engine or other combustion source registration, download the Combustion Registration.

Engine/Generator Filing Threshold

For filing requirements for engines and generators, download Engines, Generators, Turbines Determination of NYC DEP Filing Requirements. Units below the listed thresholds do not need to be filed.

Opacity Certification Form Form for Professional Engineers

Download the Opacity Certification Form for Professional Engineers

Method 9 Opacity Certification

Method 9 Opacity Certification is required for all generators regardless of their EPA Tier. This form should be completed and attached with an Inspection Request for original and triennial renewals through CATS. First time filing of EPA Tier 4 or equivalent generators do not need an opacity certification. Generators permitted as a registration must conduct an opacity test but do not need to submit the results to DEP.

Download the Method 9 Opacity Certification Form

Industrial Work Permits

Industrial Inspection Request

Learn procedures for filing an Inspection Request (Original and Renewal) to obtain a Certificate of Operation.

Download the Inspection Request Procedures

Industrial Amendments and Affidavits

Demolition Registration Form

The Demolition Registration Form Package AR299 & AR300 is available for download in: English, Español, 简体中文, русский, Kreyòl ayisyen, 한국어, বাংলা, Polski, العربية, Français, اردو.