Who uses the Directory?

The Percent for Art Artist Directory is used by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) to research artists for the commissioning of public artwork. It is not a public-facing resource.

What types of projects are artists in the Directory considered for?

Percent for Art commissions are installed in new or reconstructed City-owned buildings and structures, such as courthouses, parks, cultural institutions, police precincts, fire stations, streetscapes, libraries, schools, health centers and more. Across the five boroughs, these site-specific projects encompass a variety of media including painting, lighting, mosaic, glass, sculpture, and works that are integrated into the infrastructure of the architecture and landscape design.


Is there a list of eligible City capital projects available? What if I want to be considered for a specific project?

New Percent for Art projects are announced at local community board meetings - prior to artist selection - in the neighborhood associated with the project.  An updated calendar of public meeting presentations can be found on the Public Meetings section of the DCLA Percent for Art website.  Frequently checking this page can keep you informed of upcoming Percent for Art commissions.

The Artist Directory is consulted for Percent for Art commissions, City-wide. Inclusion in the Directory is the best way to insure you will be considered for all possible opportunities. To express interest in being considered for a specific project you are aware of, email PercentInfo@culture.nyc.gov, with the name of the project in the Subject line. The email should include a brief statement of interest. Attach a completed Directory Form or indicate that your information is already on file.

Periodically when appropriate, an Open Call is posted to the DCLA website to solicit interest in or proposals for specific opportunities.


What are the artist eligibility requirements?

Artists of all career levels, from emerging to professional, are welcome to register for the Directory.

Artists must be over 18 years old.

Artists must have a digital platform through which we can view more of your work. Digital platforms can include a website, or social media such as Instagram or Facebook. The Directory Registration Form is designed to be an introduction or link to a greater body of work. Artists can also set up a file on Drobox or other digital storage sites that can be accessed via a link.

Artists must be legally authorized to work in the United States. In the event an artist is not authorized to work in the United States and is selected to commission an artwork for the Percent for Art program, the artist must obtain all necessary visas and work permits to legally provide services in the United States.


What is included in the Directory?

The Directory consists of self-submitted information artists provide via the Artist Directory Form including general contact information, an Artist Statement, Artist Biography, and examples of work. Instructions for how to provide this information are in the form.


Can one artist be registered as an individual, group, as well as a collaborative?

Yes. If you are an individual artist as well as part of a group or collaborative, then you would be required to create different submissions for the Directory – one as an individual artist with examples of your individual work and another as a group with examples of the group’s work.

What if I am a literary artist or musician and do not have any images?

We suggest literary artists, musicians, or other non-visual artists provide visual representations of their work, such as the cover of their book, an author photo, or a photo of a performance.


Are Directory submissions reviewed?

Yes. The Artist Directory is updated on an ongoing basis. A confirmation email will be sent upon intake. Directory submissions are reviewed and approved by Percent for Art staff to confirm that the information provided is complete and accurate and that the support materials are consistent with the descriptions provided. It also ensures that the submissions are compatible with the purpose of the Directory. If a Directory submission is missing information or otherwise incomplete, a staff member will contact the artist.


How do I ask questions about the Directory or the registration process?

Email PercentInfo@culture.nyc.gov