About the Directory

The Percent for Art Artist Directory is used by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) to consider artists for the commissioning of public artwork in connection with new construction and substantial renovations on City-owned property. Please note: The Directory is not a public-facing resource. Artists self-submit information on a voluntary basis to be included in the Directory. Submitting up-to-date information ensures that you will be considered for upcoming opportunities.

  • Artists included in the Directory may be considered for future Percent for Art opportunities and may be asked to submit proposals for new artwork commissions.
  • Inclusion in the Directory does not guarantee an Artist will be selected to submit a proposal.
  • Artists are selected through a panel process and review of submitted proposals.


How to Register for the Directory:

  • Download the Percent for Art Artist Directory Form and follow the included instructions on how to provide the required information.
  • Follow the same process for submitting any updates to your information.
  • The Artist Directory is updated on an ongoing basis - there are no deadlines to submit your information.
  • A confirmation email will be sent upon intake. If a Directory submission is missing information or otherwise incomplete, a staff member will contact the artist.


For questions about submitting materials for the Directory contact PercentInfo@culture.nyc.gov.