Ben Rubin, Public Theater Skakespeare Machine

Ben Rubin, Public Theater Shakespeare Machine

Ben Rubin

    Suspended from the ceiling and serving as the lobby’s chandelier, this work displays an unlimited number of text sequences derived from each of Shakespeare’s plays.

Ellen Harvey, Marcy Plaza Mathematical Star

Ellen Harvey, Marcy Plaza Mathematical Star

Ellen Harvey

    The Mathematical Star is made up of patterns based on a photograph of a significant landmark in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community. The quilt is a secret history of the neighborhood – people familiar with the sites may recognize some of the architectural details on which it is based, outsiders will just see a beautiful quilt or pattern.

The Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art

Since 1982, New York City's Percent for Art law has required that one percent of the budget for eligible City-funded construction projects be spent on public artwork. Managed by the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Percent for Art program has commissioned hundreds of site-specific projects in variety of media—painting, new technologies, lighting, mosaic, glass, textiles, sculpture, and works that are integrated into infrastructure and architecture—by artists whose sensibilities reflect the diversity of New York City. Percent for Art seeks to commission works from the broadest range of artists from all backgrounds. 

The Percent for Art Program offers City agencies the opportunity to acquire, commission, or restore works of art specifically for City-owned buildings throughout the five boroughs.  By bringing artists into the design process, the City's civic and community buildings are enriched.

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