CreateNYC: Implementation

Making progress on the dozens of recommendations in CreateNYC will take the collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders over many years.

But alongside the launch of the cultural plan, the City is ready to take action on a number of strategies and recommendations, including:

  • Support low-income communities and underrepresented groups through increased support to nonprofit cultural organizations and non-incorporated cultural organizations

  • Continue to invest in the Cultural Institutions Group (CIG), increasing support for those in low-income communities.

  • Support increased language access for communications and cultural programming to reach broader, more inclusive audience.

  • Increase support to individual artists

  • Increase cultural access for people with disabilities and for disability arts Capital support to increase the accessibility of cultural organizations for people with disabilities.

  • Support increased access for people with disabilities as artists and as audience members.

  • Expand diversity and inclusion in the cultural workforce Support CUNY Cultural Corps, which places CUNY students into paid internship programs at NYC cultural organizations

  • Support the professional development of cultural workers from underrepresented groups to help them advance in their careers

  • Leverage our cultural organizations to achieve the City’s sustainability goals Hire an energy specialist who will work with cultural organizations to help them decrease their energy use.

  • Commit to energy-efficiency capital projects Start a Culture Cabinet of agencies to coordinate the City’s engagement with NYC’s cultural life.

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