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Application deadline: 11:59 pm Monday, September 9, 2019

Organizations that submitted eligible applications to the FY20 Cultural Development Fund (CDF) and those organizations in a CDF renewal year for FY20 are eligible to apply. Members of the Cultural Institutions Group (CIG) are not eligible. Please refer to the Guidelines document here for more information about eligibility as well as program goals and criteria.

The Application form is only compatible with Adobe Reader; when it is opened with any other PDF software (such as Preview for Macs), the form will not work properly. You must open the form with Adobe Reader version 10 or later. Download the free software before opening the form.

If you are working on a Mac and do not have Adobe installed as your default PDF program, you will need to download the Report and "Save As" a PDF before opening it. If you open the downloaded document in Preview, the Report will not function properly. You must click "Save As" to save the document to your local drive, then open directly with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, version 10 or later.

If you encounter issues with the PDF Form, please contact your DCLA Program Officer or the Programs Unit Help Desk at 212-513-9381.

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