The Board's Education & Engagement Unit

The Conflicts of Interest Board’s first priority is protecting the integrity of City government by helping public servants to resolve conflicts of interest questions before they become problems. COIB does so by providing quick, confidential answers to public servants seeking advice. But, in order for COIB to answer a question, a public servant must ask it. And before the public servant can ask the question, s/he must have some awareness of the relevant issues. Building that awareness is the mission of the Board’s Education & Engagement Unit.

What We Offer:

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Live Classes

The City Charter requires City employees to complete conflicts of interest training every two years. Primarily, this mandate is fulfilled with live training classes conducted by the Education & Engagement Unit's staff of Engagement Specialists. These staffers are both experts in the conflicts of interest law and in audience engagement, using storytelling, role-playing, and performance techniques to generate interest and discussion. In 2018 the Unit conducted over 700 classes.

Classes are available in various formats and levels of complexity, and can be tailored to address both conflicts of interest rules and related agency rules. To schedule a class or learn more about live training, please contact Engagement Specialist Gavin Kendall.

Printed Materials

Hard copies of these materials are also available free of charge. Please contact Engagement Specialist Roy Koshy to request hard copies of printed materials.

Electronic Materials

  • The Board’s Newsletter, The Ethical Times, is monthly digest of recent Board decisions and ethics-related topics. View the most recent Ethical Times.
  • The Public Service Puzzler is a monthly contest where participants compete on ethics-related puzzles for prizes and glory. View the latest Puzzler.
  • Small Plates is a monthly sampling of ethical content paired together for quick references and reminders. View the latest Small Plates.

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