Know Your Rights

In any election, you have a right to:

  • Be assisted by any person of your choice (except your employer or union representative), including a trained poll worker, if you need help to vote.
  • Bring an interpreter into the voting booth.
  • Visit the Poll Site Language Assistance List to see where interpreters are available in some languages.
  • Ask election workers how to mark and cast your ballot.
  • Bring materials about candidates and ballot questions with you, such as the CFB Voter Guide. (Please take these materials away with you when you finish voting.)
  • Vote even if the voting machine is broken.
  • Vote by "affidavit ballot" if your name is missing from the list of voters at your polling site.
  • Take time off from work to vote: New York State Law allows you to take up to three paid hours off at the beginning or end of your shift to vote, as long as you notify your employer at least two days before Election Day.
  • Under federal and state law, persons with disabilities are entitled to assistance with voter registration, accessible polling sites, and assistance with casting their ballot. If you have a disability and believe you have been denied your right to assistance while voting or registering to vote, please call 311.

Learn more about Know Your Rights
تعرف على المزيد حول اعرف حقوقك
আপনার অধিকার জানুন সম্পর্কে আরও জানুন
En savoir plus sur Connaissez vos droits
Aprann plis sou Konnen Dwa Ou
Ulteriori informazioni su Conosci i tuoi diritti
귀하의 권리에 대해 자세히 알아보기
Dowiedz się więcej o Poznaj swoje prawa
Узнать больше о Знай свои права
Obtenga más información sobre Conozca sus derechos
اپنے حقوق کے بارے میں مزید جانیں
לערן מער וועגן וויסן דיין רעכט

Public Service Announcements

Know Your Rights

Watch this public service announcement to learn about your interpretation rights when you visit your local poll site.

Haitian Creole

Ranked Choice Voting

Watch this public service announcement to learn about Ranked Choice Voting.

التصويت اختيار المرتبة
র‌্যাঙ্কড পছন্দ ভোটিং
Vote au choix classé
Vòt chwa klase
Votazione a scelta classificata
순위 선택 투표
Pейтинговое голосование
знать свои права
Votación de elección clasificada
درجہ بندی پسند ووٹنگ
ראַנגקט ברירה אָפּשטימונג