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Monday, April 7, 2003
Edward Skyler
(212) 788-2958


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced the appointment of ten members to the 2003 Charter Revision Commission (CRC). On March 26th, Mayor Bloomberg appointed Dr. Frank J. Macchiarola as Chair of the City's Charter Revision Commission. The panel is charged with amending or revising the existing charter, holding public hearings in all five boroughs to solicit public input and to issue a report outlining its findings.

"I am pleased to announce that these ten talented, dedicated and diverse New Yorkers will join Dr. Macchiarola on the Charter Revision Commission," said Mayor Bloomberg. "The City is fortunate that Dr. Macchiarola has assembled a group with extensive experience in government, business and civic affairs. I will ask the Commission to consider the adoption of nonpartisan elections for City elected officials, to strengthen the operation of City government, including the areas of budget, procurement, and agency reorganization and consolidation. Although this is a far-ranging set of issues, I believe that there will be ample time both for the Commission's deliberations and the public's active involvement."

The members of the Charter Revision Commission are:

Cecilia Norat (Vice Chair) is Director of State Relations for the American International Group, a former member of the 2002 CRC and a resident of Manhattan.

Pat Gatling (Secretary) is the Commissioner and Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights, a former member of the 2002 CRC and a resident of Manhattan.

Jerry Garcia is Vice President and Global Business Manager at JP Morgan Investor Services, a former member of 2002 CRC and a resident of Brooklyn.

Mohammed Khalid is a Doctor of Dental Medicine, President of Iron Hill Civic Association, President of the Pakistani Civil Association of Staten Island and a resident of Staten Island.

William Lynch, Jr. is CEO of Bill Lynch Associates, former Deputy Mayor of the City of New York and a resident of Manhattan.

Steve Newman is Chief Operating Officer of the Medical and Health Research Association, former Deputy Comptroller of New York City and a resident of Queens.

Father Joseph O'Hare, S.J. is President of Fordham University, former Chair of the New York City Campaign Finance Board and a resident of the Bronx.

Kathryn Patterson is a former partner of Coudert Brothers and a resident of Manhattan.

Fred Siegel is a Professor at the Cooper Union for Arts and Sciences, former Fellow at the Institute of Advance Studies and a resident of Brooklyn.

Veronica Tsang is Vice President of Chase Workplace Financial Services and is a resident of Queens.