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2024 Reports

2024 Reports

A Review Of The New York City Police Department’s Implementation Of The Recommendations Made In ‘The Report Of The Independent Panel On The Disciplinary System Of The New York City Police Department’

In June 2018, then-Police Commissioner James O’Neil requested that an outside panel examine the Department’s disciplinary system to determine whether it was fair and sufficient. The Panel, made up of three prominent lawyers, published its report, Report of the Independent Panel of the Disciplinary System of the New York City Police Department, on January 25, 2019. The Panel reported that although the disciplinary system itself was generally robust and fair, there were areas that could be improved. To achieve these goals, the Panel concluded its report with 13 recommendations, the final of which was that “the Department retain external experts to conduct periodic audits of the Department’s disciplinary system.”

To implement their final recommendation, the Department requested that this Commission fulfill the role of the external auditor. The Department and the Commission entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) in November 2019 to formalize this arrangement. In addition to the disciplinary audit, the Department also requested that we publish an interim report regarding the Department’s implementation of each of the 13 recommendations made by the Panel. This is the interim report.

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