2023 Testimony

The Chair/Commissioner and other members of the New York City Commission on Human Rights senior staff periodically testify before the City Council on issues involving the Commission and the NYC Human Rights Law.

June 26, 2023

Before the Committee on Civil and Human Rights

"The Commission has long been committed to equity in the workplace. I will turn now to the proposed bills. Intro 422 requires covered employers to maintain records of reasonable accommodation requests that are made in writing by employees… Intro. 812 would extend the time period that employees have to file complaints in court alleging discrimination to six years… Intro. 811 would prohibit and void “no rehire” provisions in mediation and conciliation agreements between employers and the Commission, and in settlement agreements between private parties in state or federal court… Intro. 864 would render unenforceable and void any and all agreements that shorten the statute of limitations for filing a case with the Commission or filing a complaint in court… Intro. 84 would require employers to hold an “onboarding meeting” for employees returning from parental leave to discuss the conditions and expectations of employment following the employee’s return to work."

May 9, 2023

Before the Committee on Civil and Human Rights & Committee on Finance

"Overall, the Commission seeks to foster compliance with the Human Rights Law. The Commission continues to use our enforcement tools to educate covered employers, housing providers, and providers of public accommodations about their legal obligations. We work with covered entities to develop policies and practices that prevent discrimination.  We expanded our trainings, increased outreach to sibling agencies, and have grown our multi-lingual trainings.  These efforts are supplemented by our extensive offerings on protections in the Human Rights Law, and the trainings and workshops focused on specific groups of New Yorkers.  Trainings are one example of the wide-ranging outreach carried out by our community liaisons and lead advisors, who work specifically with LGBTQI individuals, New Yorkers of the African Diaspora, Asian New Yorkers, transgender individuals, among other New Yorkers historically underserved and underrepresented."

February 28, 2023

Before the Committee on Civil and Human Rights & the Committee on State and Federal Legislation

"Intro. 209 would add 'height' and 'weight' as protected categories under the Human Rights Law. It would forbid discrimination based on actual or perceived height or weight in employment, housing, and public accommodations... Intro. 702-A would make it unlawful for employers to discriminate against individuals on the basis of having a tattoo. The Administration looks forward to learning more about this issue from stakeholders and continuing to work with City Council to explore the most effective ways to ensure that individuals are not discriminated against because of who they are."