Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships are teams of industry experts focused on addressing mismatches between labor market supply and demand. To define and fulfill labor demand in the City’s six priority sectors, Industry Partnerships will establish feedback loops that formalize regular interaction with employers, work to determine the skills and qualifications that employers need, and continuously upgrade curricula, training, and credential attainment programs to reflect local market conditions. Industry Partnerships, housed in City government or contracted through a competitive process, will collaborate with organized labor, educational institutions, service providers, philanthropy, and City agencies to develop workforce strategies and mobilize resources in their respective sectors.

The City currently operates two Industry Partnerships, the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare and the Tech Talent Pipeline.

The City will launch 4 more partnerships in industrial/ manufacturing and construction, which will focus on training more New Yorkers for jobs with career potential, and retail and food service, which will focus on improving the quality of low-wage occupations.

New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare

The New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH) serves as an Industry Partnership, bringing together multiple stakeholders of the healthcare workforce development system in order to address the industry’s rapidly changing labor force needs. NYACH is an initiative of the New York City Workforce Innovation Fund, a public-private partnership between the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and the NYC Workforce Funders, and is part of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. NYACH is based at the Workforce Development Corporation (WDC), an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization closely aligned with SBS. The WDC is both the legal entity and fiscal agent for conducting all NYACH business.

Infographic from the Career Pathways Report 2014, detailing the growing job sector of Health Care and Social Assistance

Career Pathways Report, 2014

Tech Talent Pipeline

The Tech Talent Pipeline serves as a collaboration between businesses, community groups, training providers, and government designed to grow the tech sector in NYC and ensure that all New Yorkers have a fair and equal chance at these living wage jobs. Building on an existing relationship with City University of New York, the Department of Education, and the Department of Small Business Services, the Tech Talent Pipeline was founded with a $10 million, 3 year commitment from city, state, federal, and private partners. The funding will be used to recruit and train New Yorkers; design new curricula to meet employer needs; and engage employers in building the talent pipeline. This collaboration is supported by several philanthropic partners, including JP Morgan Chase, the inaugural funder, as well as the NY Community Trust and the NYC Workforce Funders.

Infographic from the Career Pathways Report 2014, charting the growth of the Technology sector

Career Pathways Report, 2014