What Codes, Rules, and Forms Apply & When

New York State has had an Energy Code that applies to jurisdictions across the State since 1979. Over the years, changes to the Code have become more frequent and in 2002, the State revised the Code to bring it into line with the International Energy Conservation Code.

In 2007, the Department began increasing its enforcement to increase compliance with the State Energy Code, including starting progress inspections during construction, requiring the professional statement on more documents and requiring an Energy Analysis for all proposed work to show how it would comply with the Energy Code. Most importantly, in 2010 New York City enacted its own energy code, the New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC), which, as required by the State Energy Law, is more stringent than the State Energy Code.

Due to significant changes to the energy codes over the years, we have created the Energy Code Tables (2014 NYCECC to present and ECCCNYS 2002 to NYCECC 2011) to help New Yorkers better understand these changes and know which codes, rules and forms apply when.

Please note: The version and edition of the NYCECC that was in effect at the time of filing applies throughout the project, as long as the application and permit remain active.