Energy & Water Data

ENERGY (Electricity, Gas, Fuel Oil) Data

To benchmark a building please ensure that the entire building’s energy and water (if applicable) consumption is reported in one submission under the BBL number that is listed on the CBL.

In order to obtain whole-building energy consumption data for benchmarking, building owners will need to obtain residential or non-residential tenant consumption data in addition to their base-building data. Request the electric and gas data for your building from utility companies Con Edison and National Grid. (Doing so will relieve you from obtaining usage information from individual tenants).

Both Con Edison and National Grid offer automated upload of aggregated consumption data.

How to Collect Energy and Water Data from Utilities in Portfolio Manager

Manual Entry of Fuel Oil Data in ESPM

If your property uses energy not provided by National Grid or Con Edison, you must collect the usage data from bills or directly from the provider. For example, if your building uses fuel oil, you must collect records of all deliveries from the previous year, create a meter in Portfolio Manager under the Energy tab, and manually enter the date and number of gallons for each delivery. Please note that when creating a meter for fuel oil, be sure that the ‘Enter as Delivery’ button is switched on.

Collecting Aggregated PSEG Data for Manual Entry
For customers who are PSEG customers, PSEG offers aggregated consumption data:

PSEG Long Island (PSEGLI)

  • To guarantee you receive your aggregated consumption data in time to meet the May 1 deadline, PSEG advises you to submit your request no later than April 1.

  • Download the 2022 instructions and authorization form (in PDF), sign, and submit to PSEG Long Island.

How to Create a Fuel Oil Meter


NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) - User Guide

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), manages New York City’s water supply and wastewater treatment, and provides all water consumption information to properties that have had an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) installed for at least the entire previous calendar year and are marked on the current CBL as required to report the water data.

If such property has not yet been shared with DEP to collect water data, log into Portfolio Manager® and share your property information with DEP.

  • Please read the instructions (in PDF) for how to get automated water data from DEP.

  • If your property is not eligible for automated water benchmarking, but you still would like to report the water consumption, you have the option to benchmark water data manually. Please read the instructions (in PDF) for how to get manual water data from DEP.

  • Common web services errors are listed here.

Building owners that benchmarked their data prior to 2018 by registering in Portfolio Manager® for automatic DEP water consumption data uploading do not need to re-register again each year. Water consumption data for those properties will be automatically uploaded for every year moving forward.

NOTE: Water data is uploaded in cubic feet.

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