BSA Applications 1998-Present

The Board’s decisions take the form of written resolutions. Resolutions filed since January 1, 1998, to the present are available on this website and include decisions on new applications and on amendments and extensions.You will also be able to check the status of Active Applications.

Note: Resolutions are generally uploaded to the Board’s website a few weeks after the Board votes on an application. If the Board has voted on an application but an error message appears, the resolution has not yet been uploaded to this web site because it is still being drafted or is being prepared for upload.

Resolutions are provided solely for informational purposes and do not represent the full extent of the Board’s jurisdiction or decisions, which date to 1916. Researchers and property owners should contact the Board’s office at (212) 386-0009 for records requests or for further information about a property.

To find a resolution, search by the application’s calendar number. You may also select a borough, identify the community district, or provide a keyword entry. Entries may include an address (e.g., 123 Main Street), authorizing zoning section (e.g., 72-21), and application type (e.g., variance or special permit).

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