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CB6 Notification Standards

Applicant shall make every effort to distribute meeting notices or public hearing notices as supplied by the District Office, or a reasonable facsimile thereof containing all pertinent meeting information (i.e., date, time, location and subject of meeting).

Distribution shall be to all buildings (including tenants, particularly in multiple dwelling buildings) 500-feet (approximately two short blocks or half of a long block) of the outer perimeter of the geographically-specific site which is the subject of the application before the Community Board. 500 feet is the minimum outreach distance in order to satisfy the Community Board that a good faith effort had been made by the Applicant to publicize the meeting.

Distribution should take place not less than three (3), nor more than ten (10), business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

An Applicant may perform additional forms of public notification and outreach that may include, but not be limited to:

  • Taking out advertisements in local newspapers;
  • Post meeting notice in visible and legal spaces within the affected neighborhood (examples of illegal and/or improper spaces include trees and all street hardware such as mailboxes, street light poles, traffic sign and signal poles, public telephones, etc.)
  • Contacting local organizations and requesting their assistance.