Board Members

The chief function of the Community Board is to serve as a vehicle for resolving citizen complaints as it relates to city government and the residents of the community. When problems arise the Community Board is dealing with such city services as policing, street lights, parks use, sanitation, traffic or the fire department, housing, planning, senior citizens, environment, and youth services.

The Community Board contacts and meets with the various city agencies to resolve the problems within the community. Any problem which affects part or all the community, from a traffic problem to deteriorating housing, is a proper concern of a Community Board.

Leurys Acosta
Tasha Andrews 
Betty Arce
Yajaira Arias
Emmanuel Asamoah
Erick Ascencio
Michelle Avila
Damariy V. Barbosa
Tobie Buford
Ruth D. Caraballo
Monjur Chowdhury
Kimali Q. Corley
Sandra Erickson
Hugo Gonzalez
Alfred Grant
Lowell Green
Leslie Harrison
Helene Hartman-Kutnowsky
Jean Hill
Mahbubur Jewel
Andrew Laiosa
Rosalie Leslie
Jesús López-Jensen
Yeny Medina
Kazi Noor
Meriyen T. Parra Feliz
Tayna Peña
Daisy Perry
Edgar Ramos
Jhenelle Robinson
Cristiana Robles
Robin G.Rollan
Chad Royer
Victor Saldaña
Momodou Sawaneh
Maharanie Sewbhajan
Carlos Sosa
Samantha Souvatzis
Barbara Stronczer
Gwen Thomas-Steed
Adaline Walker-Santiago
Helene Wilson
Bernard M. Wright


The Borough President appoints the Community Board members. At least one-half of the members must be selected from the nominees of the district's Council Members, in proportion to the share of the district's population represented by those Council Members.

The Borough President ensures adequate representation from different geographic neighborhoods in the district, and considers whether all segments of the community are represented. Community Boards and civic and other community groups may submit nominations to the Borough President or to the Council Members.


Members must be New York City residents who live in or have a business, professional or other significant interest in the district. No more than 25 percent of the members may be City employees.


There is one Community Board for each of the City's 59 Community Districts. Each has up to 50 voting members who serve for staggered terms of two years; one-half of the membership is appointed each year. Members of the Community Boards serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for actual, necessary out-of-pocket expenses about attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.


Boards meet once each month. At these meetings, members address items of concern to the community. Board meetings are open to the public, and a portion of each meeting is reserved for the Board to hear from members of the public. In addition, Boards regularly conduct public hearings-on the City's budget, on land use matters, and other major issues-to give the people of the community the opportunity to express their opinions.

Each Board establishes the committee structure and procedures it feels will best meet the needs of its district. Board committees do most of the planning and work on the issues that are acted on at Board meetings. For More Information, please see the Handbook for Community Board Members.