Get Involved

Get Involved

Attend a meeting of the Community Board

We strongly encourage anyone interested in getting involved with matters of the board to attend Community Board 5's General Board meetings. Anyone can speak at the general board meetings by signing up prior to the meetings for the public session. Please keep in mind that all speakers are limited to a maximum of two minutes unless otherwise acknowledged by the board chair. Please email us at for a schedule of our General Board Meetings.

Participate in one or more of our committees

Everyone is welcome to attend Community Board 5'scommitee meetings. By attending and participating in a committee meeting, you get firsthand exposure to how the committees function and the types of issues they routinely discuss.

Join Our Mailing List

Joining our mailing list will allow you to receive important information about community events, services and opportunities available in the community, notices for Board Meetings and other important community announcements. To join our mailing list please email your request to

Apply for membership to the Community Board

You can apply to become a member of the Community Board. Many non-Board Members who participate in committees eventually are interested in applying for Board membership. You may do so by contacting the Bronx Borough President's Office at 718-590-6001 or the office of your local Council Member. To access the 2022 Bronx CB application form, please visit the Bronx Borough President's Office website. Applications will be accepted until March 4th, 2022.

Download the 2022 Community Board Membership Application