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Prospective Foster and/or Adoptive Parent Recruitment Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent to children and youth with New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).

Although, the number of child/youth has reduced each year due to ACS’ focus on strengthening our preventive services and prioritizing kinship care (placement with families), we continue to need safe, loving homes for children/youth who require an out of home placement (foster care placement). In particular, New York City’s foster care continuum is seeking foster parents willing and able to provide a stable and loving home to the following:

  • Children and youth with complex behavioral health, developmental and medical needs
  • Adolescent youth ages 14-17
  • Children who are part of sibling groups of 3 or more

We look forward to matching you with one of our foster care agencies located within the five boroughs who will provide you with critical information, guidance and support throughout the process. In order to match you with an agency, we have a couple of questions. We encourage all interested applicants to complete the Foster or Adoptive Parent Recruitment Form. Please be advised that answering, “no” to any of the below questions is not an automatic disqualifier.

Please select your community district:

Please let us know your willingness and/or interest in providing a loving, safe home for child/youth with (Please check all that apply):*
Do you have any experience in providing supports and/or working on behalf of children/youth with (Please check all that apply):*

Prospective Parent Information

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