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Child Safety Video

A Life to Love: Preventing Accidental Injury to Our Most Precious Resource

ACS has produced “A Life to Love,” a child safety video that educates parents and caregivers on preventing tragedies. ACS investigates more than 55,000 reports of alleged abuse and neglect each year and a number of these cases could be avoided simply through education and awareness. Through educating New Yorkers with “A Life to Love,” ACS aims to reduce high-risk situations and create safe environments for children.


A Life to Love DVD cover
DVD cover

Running 14 minutes, the video features tips on: the hazards of leaving children unattended in a bath or a car; the importance of window guards; Shaken Baby Syndrome; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; car seat usage; stairwell gates; cabinet safety latches and other protective devices. ACS partnered with New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC)to distribute more than 60,000 copies of “A Life to Love” to new parents, caregivers and health- and social service-related organizations throughout the City.