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LGBTQ Incident & Inquiry Reporting

Anyone involved in our system or impacted by it, including youth, providers, staff, and foster families can report questions or incidents to the ACS Office of LGBTQ Policy & Practice. You can use the form to ask questions related to our LGBTQ policy or to report alleged non-compliance.

Tolerating bias, discrimination, harassment and/or bullying on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status or partnership status is prohibited. ACS takes all reports seriously, and follows up immediately. All concerns of policy non-compliance will be investigated. The ACS LGBTQ Office will enforce corrective and/or disciplinary action if it is determined that non-compliance has occurred.

Refer to the Incident/Inquiry Reporting guide below if you have questions of when to report policy non-compliance. These guidelines describe some of the many situations that violate ACS’ LGBTQ Policy. If the incident involves a legal matter (e.g., a court order), you should first inform the assigned ACS Family Court Legal Services (FCLS) attorney.

Download the Incident/Inquiry Reporting guide

Download the incident/inquiry form

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