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Family Team Conferencing

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About Family Team Conferencing

About Family Team Conferencing

ACS recognizes the importance of collaborating with families and young people to identify and address their needs, while building on their strengths. Family Team Conferences (FTC) are important opportunities to bring together family members, young people, extended family, caseworkers, parent advocates, and support figures to develop plans to keep children safe, support well-being, and achieve permanency.

In 2016, ACS integrated Family Team Conferencing across the child welfare continuum—child safety, preventive, and foster care with the goals of ensuring the shared lens of safety, permanency, well-being, stability, and equity are consistency aligned. This integration:

  • Created a single protocol instead of multiple conference protocol
  • Streamlined conferences with ACS supporting providers in facilitating up to 10 types of conferences
  • Instituted a Management Review Process when consensus cannot be reached

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