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Outpatient Services

We provide a wide range of outpatient mental health services to individuals with emotional, psychiatric, behavioral or chemical dependency related issues.

Walk-in Evaluation
Unit Located on the first floor of the Behavioral Health Pavilion, at Second Avenue and 99th Street, the Walk-in Evaluation unit provides individuals with mental health assessments to determine what treatment best suits their needs. The unit is open weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Individuals requiring service after 5 PM, on weekends or holidays, can seek assistance at the Psychiatric Emergency Room, located in the Hospital’s Main Building, in Room 1A19. For more information, call 212-423-6528 or 212-423-6529.

Emergency Psychiatric Service
Located on the first floor of the Hospital’s Main Building, the Psychiatric Emergency Room is a component of the Hospital’s Emergency Services which operates 24 hours daily. All individuals receive a preliminary assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and referral as applicable. Immediate crisis intervention is provided by our qualified team of mental health professionals. For more information, call 212-423-7312.

Adult Mental Health Clinic
Patients 18 years and older receive individualized services for acute or chronic conditions requiring long or short-term treatment. This clinic specializes in serving patients with a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. For more information, call 212-423-6634, 212-423-6645 or 212-423-7237.

Child and Adolescent Clinic
We offer assessments, evaluations, diagnosis and treatment for acute or chronically ill patients up to 18 years of age. The clinic also provides individual and group therapy, as well as parent and family counseling services. Crisis intervention, medication therapy, and case management services are also available to address issues relating to school, home, or the community. For more information, call 212-423-6945.

Community Support Services (CSS)
For patients 18 years and older with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. The program has a competency-based rehabilitative support system designed to foster social and vocational adjustment of individuals with varying degrees of chronic illness and functional problems in one or more areas of their life experience. For more information, call 212-423-7110.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service
This service addresses the psychological aspects of medical and surgical illness for outpatients and inpatients, providing assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems such as self-destructive behaviors, violence, chronic pain, treatment refusal, severe illness, and death and dying. Services are also provided to persons with AIDS, end-stage renal disease, cancer and bereavement.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams
Multidisciplinary treatment teams comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers and rehabilitation and addiction specialists provide treatment and support to the severely and persistently mentally ill in the community. Two teams, each with the capacity to provide services for up to 68 patients, routinely conduct home visits to monitor treatment and medication compliance. Aligned with the Psychiatric Emergency Room as back up, ACT provides continuous coverage for patients outside of the hospital. For more information, call 212-423-8700.

Mental Hygiene Legal Service
This service, provided by the State of New York, is available on-site to protect patients’ rights and address any treatment related concerns. Detailed information may be obtained by calling

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