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The Department of Buildings' 6th Annual Construction Safety Week, held April 26 - 30, was a success! More than 230 people attended professional seminars and community meetings held in each of the five boroughs. As part of Construction Safety Week, Department officials and volunteers joined with officials from the Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management to visit construction sites to meet with workers and discuss ways to stay safe on the job. View photos from the week.

Buildings Bulletins

Mechanical Tee Bolted Outlets
Buildings Bulletin 2010-008 establishes acceptance criteria for mechanical tee bolted outlets for hot and cold water supply and distribution.

Solar Collectors
Buildings Bulletin 2010-009 establishes acceptance criteria and test methods for solar collectors.

Mechanical Joints
Buildings Bulletin 2010-010 establishes acceptance criteria for mechanical joints (press joints and push-fit joints only) as required by Local Law 71 of 2009.

Steel-Plated and Vault-Like Spaces
Buildings Bulletin 2010-011 clarifies the applicability of Building Code Chapter 9 to steel-plated and vault-like spaces.

Place of Assembly Certificates of Operation
Buildings Bulletin 2010-12 clarifies the meaning of the references to "this code" in section AC 28-117.1 and AC 28-117.2 for the purposes of issuance of certificates of operation to places of assembly and temporary places of assembly.

Mixed-Use Buildings with Vacant Space
Buildings Bulletin 2010-013 establishes the allowance to obtain a final Certificate of Occupancy for a mixed-used building with a vacant space.

Painting Requirements for Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems
Buildings Bulletin 2010-014 clarifies the types of fire protection system piping and valve handles that must be painted to comply with Local Law 58 of 2009.

Fresh Fruit, Vegetable and Pushcart Storage Facilities
Buildings Bulletin 2010-015 clarifies when a fresh fruit, vegetable and pushcart storage facility for Green Cart vendors may be considered a Zoning Use Group 4 community facility and establishes administrative requirements and technical criteria for such a facility.

NYC Energy Construction Code

On July 1, 2010, the New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) becomes effective. The NYCECC is more stringent than the state energy code and applies to all new building and alteration projects filed on or after July 1, 2010. Small alteration projects are no longer exempt from energy code

requirements. Keep reading Buildings News for important information about the NYCECC.
Service Updates
LAA Express Application
Beginning May 24, 2010, the Department will offer same
day work authorization for certain Limited Alteration Application (LAA) plumbing work. Applicants seeking same day authorization must use the new LAA Express Application (LAA1E).
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Painting Requirements
Beginning June 2, 2010, all existing buildings are required
to comply with new sprinkler and standpipe painting requirements. The Department has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the four new sprinkler and standpipe laws that are now in effect.

Street Tree Required Items
Applicants are now required to submit a street tree site plan to
the Parks Department for review and approval for New Building, Alteration 1 and Alteration 2 Enlargement jobs.
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Records Management Fees
All jobs are now subject to new records management fees.

Revised PW2 Form
The Department has revised the PW2 Form to permit
non-concrete related operations prior to fulfilling concrete-related items. The revised PW2 Form is now available. Applicants must use the revised version June 1, 2010.
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Filing Representative Registration Renewal
Filing Representative
registrations expire June 30, 2010. The Department is now accepting renewal applications.
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Keep reading Buildings News for new information and updates.

Staff Spotlight

Kanda Gordon
Associate Commissioner of Borough Operations

On April 29, Kanda Gordon, Buildings Department Associate Commissioner of Borough Operations, was awarded the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) Special
Award for Excellence in Public Service. The award recognizes those in government and public positions that are "unsung" heroes in the world of affordable housing.

At the Department of Buildings, Kanda is responsible for leading the implementation teams on the Agency's strategic initiatives, including BSCAN Phase II, Plan Examination and the Zoning and Enforcement Initiatives. Ms. Gordon oversees standardization in operations within the borough offices and assists the First Deputy Commissioner in planning the Agency's strategic initiatives.

Kanda has been with the Department since October 2005.

Did You Know... that you can still request a no-penalty retaining wall inspection from the Department? Through May 31, homeowners can call 311 to have an Buildings Department inspector assess their retaining wall without penalty of violation. Retaining walls that are not properly maintained put owners and the public at risk.
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